Shiko Ito ; accordion
Over a decade running unit. We started this unit influenced by French musicians Michel Portal and Richard Galliano. Their music intensely struck us. We had played Musette,Tango and Jazz. Then gradually shifted to composing our original music.  We’ve released 3 albums.
1st album 胡蝶の夢・十の夜 2nd album pass-port 3rd album laperirostum

Top of the worst
improvising with
Takashi Yuasa ; power bass
Tetsuro Fuijimaki ; drums

dialog between…
with guests
As an improvisor, I want to play with various musicians.
duo with Tim Berne

with Hiroaki Mizutani ; bass
playing my compositions

Solo Works
all I need is your support. I can’t do this without you.

Hopping countries
a journey all over the world bringing my instruments and music. Playing with musicians,friends… Start from Toronto, Canada in this coming May.
Here it is! -> M’sBandcamp

Teaser for Furniture Music V @Red Eye Espresso, Toronto
with Alex Fournier – Bass


with Falcon ; guitar
compositions and improvisations

visit “flyers of past gigs” to see

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